What’s changing?

Tinto Medical Practice is investing in a service called “Ask My GP” – this is a web based service which will allow patients who want to do so to contact us over the internet. 
This will enable you to contact us and receive a quick response from a GP and agree how your problem should be dealt with. 
For simple queries, we may be able to solve your problem solely through this service. For more complicated issues, we’ll be able to agree a time for a telephone call or face to face appointment with one of our team through the service.

Why are you doing this?

Nearly 4 years ago we changed the system to contact the practice, to ensure patients had easy access to a GP and received a phone response on the same day. The reason we did this was to move away from the long wait for booked appointments, sometimes up to 2 weeks. This is still the system in most practices.

We have been successful in delivering our goal of same day advice, but this has resulted in up to 120 calls per day, some of which don’t need a conversation with a GP.  This means it can take considerably longer than we would want to get back to you.
We are introducing this as additional way to contact us which will allow us to get back and deal with your problems more quickly, at a time that suits you. It will also let us try technology such as video consultations.

What do I need to do?

The new system starts on 17 April 2019.

We would encourage you to try out the service the next time you need to contact us – go to and follow the link to Ask My GP. You’ll get the quickest, most convenient response by contacting us this way.

We understand that not all patients will wish to use an online service, so you will still be able to phone the surgery as you do at the moment. Our staff will take some details from you about what your problem is. Please provide them with as much information as you feel able, as this will be passed to the GP to assist us in helping you speedily.