Our new practice team

We are happy to introduce new members to our practice team. Shahista Lalji has taken over from Sister Wendy MacArthur as practice nurse for Tinto Medical Practice. Laura Higgins, Kirsty Timmons and Lesley Coburn have also joined the administrative team.

Our new practice name

As part of our practice development we felt it was the perfect time to introduce a new name for our practice team.  After much deliberation the team agreed on the Tinto Medical Practice.  

Our new medical team

We are delighted to introduce and welcome Drs Mark Russell and Doris Li Yim to the Practice. Dr Russell joined our Practice in July 2014 when Dr Jarvie retired and Dr Li Yim joined our team in May 2015. We are excited to have both doctors joining us as two new partners of Tinto Medical Practice.

Our new GP medical team now consists of 4 partners; Dr M Lough, Dr K Yip, Dr M Russell and Dr D Li Yim.  Our GPs are supported by our Practise Nurse Shahista Lalji

Faster, responsive access to care

We would like to let you know of some changes we are introducing to provide a more responsive and quicker service for our patients.  Experience has shown us that speaking to a doctor first allows a decision to be made about how to best manage the problem. 

From July 2015, you will be able to phone in to the surgery and receive a response from a doctor within an hour, or sooner if things are quiet.  Our aim is to be able to deal with any problem as soon as possible after you decide you want advice from us.  We want to stop any worries about not being able to speak to a doctor quickly.  The doctor will then decide whether to give you advice on the phone or ask you to come to the surgery.

We have put together answers to questions about how our new system will work.

Practice newsletter

The practice has begun an improvement programme which will look at all areas of practice care and how we can improve the service we provide. We would like to let you know about developments in the practice.  If you would be willing to receive occasional updates by email, please let us know at