Practice Team

General Practitioners

Drs Murray Lough, Kathleen Yip, Mark Russell and Doris Li Yim work in the practice.

Practice Nurse

Shahista Lalji works with the GPs to provide chronic health management in the practice


John Collington is our practice pharmacist. He helps us manage medicines and prescribing in the practice. He may call you after you've been in hospital or been to an outpatient appointment, or you may see him in one of the health management clinics in the practice

Practice Manager 

Ms Lesley Hendry manages practice development and all the practices employed staff

Other Practice Staff

Kasey Reid, Fiona Paterson, Lindsey Kennedy, Anne Murray, Linda Tippen, Jacqueline McGraw and Kirsty Timmons have a wide range of roles in the practice. As well as helping you at reception and undertaking our administrative work, they have been trained in a wide range of clinical tasks from taking blood to giving flu vaccinations.