Our Services

Tinto Medical Practice are happy to provide a wide array of clinics and services, listed below:

Travel Advice 

To give you advice on what vaccinations or other medications you need, please send us a message through AskMyGP, telling us:
  • Where you’re going. We need to know exactly what cities or regions you’re visiting, not just the country, as travel risk can sometimes be quite local
  • Your dates of travel
  • What you intend doing when you’re travelling. Will you be staying in hotels, backpacking, staying with family? Do you have any excursions planned?
  • Whether you’ve had any previous vaccines the practice might not know about. You might have lived abroad and had vaccines there, or previously visited a private travel clinic.

Family Planning, Contraceptive Advice & Ante-Natal Clinic

We offer a complete family planning service including advice on contraception and emergency contraception (sometimes called the morning after pill). We additionally run an ante-natal care clinic on Monday. Contact reception for more information.

Smoking Cessation Advice

We provide advice on how patients may stop smoking. We actively encourage patients to have a programme for stopping smoking and adopting a lifestyle for reducing the risk of heart disease.

Minor Surgery

We provide a Wart Clinic at the surgery. Please contact Reception for advice on this service.

Annual Health Reviews

We offer an annual health review service to monitor patients with ongoing health issues. We want to ensure that we target the practice’s resources on those who need it most - those with the most severe health problems, and those who need our help to improve or stabilise their condition. We aim to organise a single annual review, regardless of how many health conditions you have and arrange further reviews if you need them through the year, depending on your health.

Flu Vaccine

If you suffer from a heart or lung problem, asthma, diabetes or are in frail health you are advised to have a flu injection annually. Clinics are held in Sept – March when the vaccine becomes available.  If you are eligable for the flu vaccination, please contact the Surgery to arrange an appointment.

Cervical Smears 

We recommend that all women up to the age of 60 have a smear every 3 years. You may make an appointment for a smear with the Practice Nurse or alternatively attend local Family Planning clinics. Please contact Reception for details.

Minor Ailment Service

The Minor Ailment Service (MAS) allow patients to register with and use a community pharmacy as the 1st port of call for the treatment of common illnesses on the NHS. The pharmacist advises, treats or refers there patient according to their needs. This service is presently for those who are exempt from prescription charges and are registered with a GP surgery in Scotland.

Chronic Health Programme

The practice chronic health programme is led by Shahista Lalji, who works closely with the GPs to meet patients' needs. The practice will contact you if you have a health condition which needs monitoring.

Late Evening Surgery

We provide late evening surgery appointments each week between 5.30pm - 8.30pm. Our late surgery is available on a Monday evening although the day may differ occasionally due to GP availability.  If you require a late evening appointment please contact the surgery for information of our appointment dates and times.